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FOLIO: Facilitated Online Learning as an Interactive Opportunity


Promoting and Marketing Library and Information Services (ProMISe)


About ProMISe...

Welcome to the 'Promoting and Marketing Library and Information Services (ProMISe)' web pages. ProMISe is an online interactive course funded by the National Library for Health, that is being delivered by email and Web pages as part of the FOLIO Programme.


The ProMISe course began on Monday 17 November 2008 and will end on Friday 23 January 2009 (this includes a two-week break from 22 December 2008 until 5 January 2009. To keep track of the course, see the ProMISe archive. To see an outline of course materials and exercises, see the ProMISe course timetable.


Course Aim...

The ProMISe course aims to help participants gain an understanding and appreciation for the value and importance of marketing and promotion in any type of library or information service.


Course Objectives...

By the end of the ProMISe course participants will be able to:



  • Understand the process of marketing as it specifically relates to library and information services.


  • Identify considerations when selecting specific marketing or promotion methods for use within their own library or information context.


  • Identify and evaluate approaches that might prove successful within the context of a local Libraries Awareness Week.


  • Describe the main considerations when planning and implementing a marketing strategy.


  • Engage with fellow participants in discussing issues connected with the marketing and promotion of information services.



ProMISe Course Materials...


Key materials:







Other Materials:



Useful References


For more information about promoting and marketing library and information services, see the following references:



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